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    The U.S. Supreme Court recently held, in the case of Kelo vs.
    City of New London, that States and local governments are
    allowed to seize private property through eminent domain in
    order to facilitate private commercial development.  This is a
    complete abuse of government power.

    The Los Angeles Times reported on January 2006 that a parcel
    of property had been seized by the City of Los Angeles from a
    private furniture manufacturer.  The City later decided to sell the
    land to a competitor of  the original owner.  Of course, no one
    was surprised at all when it was discovered that the person to
    whom the property is to be sold is a significant campaign
    donor!  Should we tolerate this kind of corruption?

    The government's powers of eminent domain need to be strictly
    limited and strictly supervised.  Politicians should not be trusted
    with the power to seize private property!  As an immediate first
    step, all government units should be prohibited from taking
    private land under eminent domain in order to transfer the
    property to any person or business for economic development.

    “Gun control means hitting your target.”  This is the kind of gun
    control I support.

    “The right of the people, to keep and bear arms, shall not be
    infringed.”   The Second Amendment seems perfectly
    straightforward to me.  Almost every government official has
    taken an oath of office to uphold the United States Constitution,
    which includes this important provision.  So why do these same
    officials feel free to infringe the right of the people to keep and
    bear arms?  Every lawmaker who has voted in favor of gun
    control laws has violated his/her oath of office.  Every judge who
    has upheld gun control laws has violated his/her oath of office.  

    I intend to uphold my oath of office.  I understand the meaning of
    “shall not be infringed.”  I will work to roll-back the improper gun
    control laws that are presently in existence, and to fight any new
    gun control laws that are proposed.

    Does this mean I support individuals stockpiling nuclear
    weapons, conventional explosives, bazookas, mortars and other
    destructive devices?  No.  These are not firearms and do not fall
    within the scope of the Second Amendment.  However, there is
    a category of firearms that the State and the Media have
    demonized with the scary label “assault weapons” which have
    been banned.  This ban violates the Second Amendment.
    I support the mandatory issuance of Concealed Carry
    Permits to all citizens of good character and clean
    backgrounds who meet certain objective requirements of
    weapons training, weapons skill and knowledge of the law
    regarding the  use of deadly force.  The evidence shows that
    after Florida adopted mandatory issuance of CCWs, the rate
    of violent crimes against persons went down.  The fact is,
    criminals are far less likely to mug or rape or otherwise
    attack people when their potential victims might be armed
    and able to fight back!  In just about every state that passed
    mandatory issuance of CCWs, the doomsayers predicted
    shootouts in the streets, and shootouts in parking lots as
    people fought over parking spaces.  None of this came to
    pass.  Instead, the honest citizens are less fearful, less
    intimidated.  We can hold our heads higher.  We have taken
    back some of our parks and streets.  It is the criminals who
    are now more cautious, because the honest citizens can
    now defend themselves!

    So long as we maintain a welfare state, with taxpayers
    being forced by the government to provide social benefits to
    others, I am strongly against illegal immigration.  I will work
    to stem the flood of illegal aliens who are taking over our
    State.  We need to protect our borders!

    I will not sugarcoat the problem and I will not accept the
    euphemisms that have become politically correct.  Illegal
    aliens are not “undocumented workers” or “undocumented
    immigrants.”  They are illegal aliens.  They have entered this
    country illegally, or they have entered legally but failed to
    leave upon the expiration of their visas.  Their very presence
    in this country constitutes a criminal act, and should not be

    We need to amend the Constitution to do away with the
    “anchor baby” situation.  If you are not legally in the United
    States, your baby should be an illegal alien, not a U. S.
    citizen, even if it is born here in the States.

    The recognition of “matricula consular” should not be
    encouraged.  Driver’s licenses should not be issued to illegal
    aliens.  We need to fight illegal immigration, not encourage

    I do not care if the illegal alien in question is Mexican,
    Canadian, Asian, ....  This is not a question of race, color or
    nationality.  The United States is a sovereign country, and
    we need our borders to be secure.  This is not a question of
    racial prejudice; it is a question of national sovereignty and
    national security.  Huge numbers of “other than Mexicans”
    cross into the United States through the porous Mexican
    border every month – these can be foreign terrorists who
    threaten our security.  The borders must be made secure.

    The Libertarian Party Of California officially opposes
    immigration controls and supports open borders.  The
    Libertarian Party Of California opposes welfare for illegal
    aliens, just as it opposes welfare for citizens.  But as
    matters now stand, we are a welfare state, and immigration
    controls and strong borders are necessary (unless and until
    we wean our society away from the welfare system).  As
    long as we are a welfare state, we must close and police the

    We need to further clamp down on welfare fraud, including
    disability fraud, MediCal fraud and all other forms of fraud by
    which people gain government subsidies.  Although I join
    with the Libertarian goal of ending all of the government
    subsidies, this will be a long-term process.  In the
    meantime, we need to remove the welfare cheats from the
    public trough.

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